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Welcome to Blissfully Free!

To be truly happy, we need to follow our bliss, so we can be free to be our true selves. 

My soul purpose is to help others step into their power using my gifts. 

I am based near Glastonbury, UK, but work with clients all over the world and I look forward to connecting with YOU!

If you scroll down you can see all the Services, Events, Freebies & the monthly Special Offers, plus sign up for my newsletter too!

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Blissful Blessings, 

Sarah ♥

Events in July & August 2018

The energy of July feels like a time to give back to the Earth and the Animals. The energy of our planet is shifting BIG time! We will see even more turbulent weather, natural disasters and man-made challenges happening over the rest of 2018. So, the events I am running in July & August will aid our toolbox in helping our beloved planet and our beautiful Animal Angels. The healing we do individually and as a collective will help lessen the impact of what is coming. I am also really excited to be running an Animal Healing event with the proceeds going to an amazing animal charity! I have written more about this in my July energy forecast on my blog, which you can find by clicking the button below. Love Sarah x


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I send out a newsletter 2-3 times per month. I send one out at the start of each month to let you know about the month's energy, events and special offers. I then send out a reminder for each Attunement Event. Once you sign up, you will be asked to confirm via email, but sometimes these go to your junk/spam folder, so please check!  You won't receive my newsletter if you don't confirm. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the button at the bottom of my newsletter.

Special Offers

Happy July!

July SALE: Full Reading NOW £50, Aura Light NOW £40 and Ama Deus Shamanic Healing NOW £18


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I wanted to create a resource page as I get so many similar questions that I thought it would be useful to offer information that (hopefully) answers these!  You can download the information sheets and guides below for free and I really hope these are helpful.   Just click on the links and a popup box will come up asking if you want to save or open the file. It is easier sometimes to open the file and then you can choose where you want to save it! 

Irun attunement events each month by donation (the min is £1) so everyone has the opportunity to receive healing & an attunement if they wish! Please visit the EVENTS page by clicking here.

I send out a newsletter out at the start of each month and it will include the month's energy forecast, events and special offers. I also send out an email for each Attunement Event, just scroll up to sign up!!


♥   Reiki Guide ~ Includes: What is Reiki, Why Choose Reiki, Reiki History & Principles

♥   White Light Prayer ~ To aid Spiritual Protection

♥   Spirit Guides & Sensei Meditation ~ What is a Spirit Guide and How Can they Help!

♥   Working with Colour Information and what the colours mean using The Colour Chart

♥   Attunement Guide ~ How to Prepare, Experiences Felt, What is a Chi Ball and How to Send an Attunement!

♥   The Chakras & The Aura ~ Chakra Descriptions & Tips, plus How to See an Aura!

♥   The 'Clairs' ~ Our Spiritual Gifts

Your energy exchange donations are always so deeply appreciated.  If you would like to donate, please just click the link below and it will take you through to Paypal where you can put in a donation of your choice.  Please note this will be in British Pounds (£).

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Blissful Blessings and thank you for your support.

Sarah ♥