Energy Tune Ups

Give Yourself some LOVE this month with a FREE Week’s Trial. Subscribe for the month and if you don’t feel this service is for you, just cancel your subscription within the first 7 days and you won’t be charged!

These are some of the reviews I have received about the Energy Tune Ups. You can view more on the Review Page.

I have recently signed up for the weekly Energy Tune-ups and I HIGHLY recommend this service - I have had so much more energy since starting them and feel much more positive, it is the perfect way to nurture yourself. The weekly energy forecast feels very practical too.” ~ Sarah

“The healing I have received from Sarah have changed my life completely. She is a truly gifted person. The monthly sign up is a brilliant money saving way to receive weekly healings . I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough .. thank you so much Sarah x” ~ Annie

“What a weekend it has been of powerful energies! Your tune up was so helpful to me. I feel my intuition has gotten a bit more clear and powerful, so I’m appreciative of this weekly tune-up service! I feel like we have our own powerful club.” ~ Poornima

I was guided to offer something different for 2019 to help us navigate our way through the year more easily. I was guided by Spirit to offer a way to help us stay in balance, clear our energy weekly, connect with each other and understand more about what is happening with the current energies so we can plan our time and work with the energies more effectively. This service provides all of these things! Please scroll down to see all the things you receive for just £25 per month or £65 for 3 months!

You’re free to subscribe and unsubscribe at any time!

My Yearly & Monthly Energy Forecasts for 2019 will still be completely FREE, which you can find on my blog by clicking here!

How does this Service work and what do you receive?


A Healing Session Every Week

Your healing will be prepared for you each Friday, so you can receive it before the new week begins. You will be sent an email with instructions to let you know your healing is ready. You can receive your healing when it suits you. It will include clearing your energy of any negativity, bringing back any energy you have given away for your highest good. And you will also receive healing you need personally to help you move forward with ease, grace and love.


An Energy Forecast for the week ahead

You will receive a weekly energy forecast every Friday before the new week begins. This will have a summary of the week ahead with key words and information from Spirit and a breakdown of each day to help you work with the energies. You will receive this as a PDF by email every Friday and be able to view the current and previous week on the Members page here on my website.

Membership to my Facebook Group

You will have the option to join my Facebook Group, which is for members only that have subscribed to this service. I will be supporting you by doing FREE mini readings and running a FREE Chakra clearing event each month. March’s event will begin with clearing the Base Chakra and each month we will move on to the next Chakra! So, April’s will be the Sacral Chakra. This is to help support your healing journey and fits in well with your weekly healing.

15 off.jpg

15% off any 1:1 Sessions

You will also receive a discount code for 15% off Radiant Light Readings, Healing Session, Relationship Healings, Blissfully Free attunements and the Aura Light Attunement Course. You can use your discount whenever you would like one of these sessions!

You will be sent the code in your weekly email and you will also be able to find it on the Member’s page too.

As soon as you subscribe, you will be able to access the Weekly Energy Forecasts, join the FB group and use your 15% off code, but you will NOT receive any healing until the Friday following your subscription.

You can either subscribe by month for £25 with one week’s FREE trial or for 3 months for £65.

See you soon! Love Sarah x

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?
Each monthly subscription costs £25. This is for a healing each week, a weekly energy forecast, a private members only group and an exclusive 15% off 1:1 Sessions.

Who runs the Facebook Group?
I run the FB group and there will be no other admins. You can read about me by clicking here.

Are there longer subscription options?
I also offer a 3-month (£65) subscription as well as monthly. By choosing the 3 month option, you save £10!

How will I know my healing is ready?
I send out an email every Friday by 6pm UK time to let you know your healing is ready to be received with instructions on how to receive. The email can sometimes go to your junk/spam folder, so please check there if you haven’t received your email. You can then choose when to receive your healing.

Where do I find the Weekly Energy Forecasts?
This will be included in the email I send to you on a Friday as a PDF. And you can also view the past week and future week forecasts directly on my website by using the Members Log In at the top right of the page and using your password. Your password was created when you subscribed.

How do I join the Facebook group & what happens if I don’t want to join?
Once you subscribe you will receive an email with the Facebook group link. Please click the link and add yourself to the group, which I will then approve. You will be part of the group for as long as you subscribe to this service. If you don’t want to join the FB group, you don’t have to! You can still subscribe and receive your healing and energy forecasts each week. If you cancel your subscription, unfortunately, you will be removed from the group as it is only for members.

Am I tied into a long-term commitment?
You’re free to subscribe and unsubscribe at any time. You will continue to receive your healing session, weekly forecast and be part of the FB group until the month you have paid for is finished. You can subscribe at any time and will start to receive your healing on the Friday following your subscription. You can also view the Energy Forecast for the week immediately on my website. Please note: There are no refunds if you decide to cancel part way through a month.

Why can’t I pay for my subscription via checkout like I can for your other services?
As this is a subscription based service and some of the content is password protected I had to find a different company to manage the transactions. This system only takes credit and debit card payments. Unfortunately, you can’t pay with Paypal at this time.

Where can I find the T&C’s for the Subscriptions?

Please visit Terms & Conditions