How Do Spirit Guides Communicate?

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Spirit Guides are personally assigned to you and are always with you, helping to guide and shape your life.

Spirit Guides vary in levels of consciousness, where some may be very highly ascended, some are more earthly and fun.

They can appear in all forms, but generally, they appear in the form of a human or animal though many of us have plant and crystal spirit guides, as well. Because they don't have bodies, they can change or morph themselves into any form they want to in order to tget their messages across.

If you see your guides, pay attention to the symbolism as it is a clue as to what they are helping you with, their role in your life.

Many times, we are already connecting with our Spirit Guides and utterly unaware of it!

Have you ever had a idea that pops up from nowhere or a strong feeling that you just need to follow! This is how our Guides communicate with us, by sending us intuitive guidance.

If something keeps bothering you, or an idea you have keeps coming back around, there’s generally a good reason, and this may be valuable information that your Spirit Guides are attempting to show you.

They can also line up a series of events or experiences that may be unlikely to occur together by chance, but when experienced in a meaningful way - are synchronicities.

These synchronicities can help to nudge you in a specific direction, or advise you on a question you needed help answering.

Spirit guides can also make their appearance known by sending a symbolic sign such as a particular flower or object, showing you specific number patterns, putting a song on the radio and they sometimes communicate with us through our dreams too.

Spirit guides, in whatever manner they appear, will select an appearance or sensation most comfortable for you to interpret and accept.

There are different levels of Guides depending where we are on our soul’s growth. When we grow spiritually, we may outgrow our Guides, which means they may leave, but new Guides will come in. Our new Guides will be more attuned to our higher energy and perhaps more knowledgeable in the direction we are heading, therefore more able to fully support us.

Spirit Guides are meant to be able to assist you in the highest and best way they can at any moment, which means that, your Guides have to be attuned to you, your energy and your needs.

I have found that as I have grown, and my own Spirit Guides have changed, that they are all very different in terms of how they express themselves! This all depends where they are on their own Soul's journey as remember, they are still learning and growing too! So, when new guides come in, they may sound, feel, look very different from your previous guides!