What is Clearing?

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What is clearing? Everyone talks about this when you start on your spiritual path, but what does it actually mean?!

Reiki, other attunements and all forms of healing work on all levels; Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Physical. There is no area of life that an attunement or a healing will not change and influence.

As a result, a deep healing occurs, which raises your vibration and helps you get back into balance.

Clearing is the the process of release in these bodies.

Imagine a container with oil at the bottom. The oil is dirty and sticky and has been there for a long time. Then, pure, crystal clear water is poured into the container. As the water fills the container, the oil floats on the surface and rises to the top. More and more crystal clear water is poured into the container and the oil rises to the top. More crystal clear water is poured into the container and the oil rises closer and closer to the surface. Eventually the dirty, sticky oil spills out and down the sides.

This is what happens when we take healing energy into ourselves. Old patterns and wounds, hurts and prejudices can spill over, taking us by surprise. But don’t worry- it’s just the oil coming up! This is why we have clearing symptoms.

There is no way to speed this process up other than to relax into it. Doing too much can inhibit the process as much as doing nothing can. It really is up to you find the right dance of action in the form of self-care and rest.

In instances where you have had physical releases, you may need to re-structure some of your physical activity to come into better alignment with your body.

For example, if your hip has had an opening (and on the physical level that means your hip literally has more flexibility), it may bring to light other areas that are tight. Your hip may suddenly want you to workout in a slightly different way to maintain that new found agility and flexibility. It may ask nothing of you too. Every issue is different and moves in its own way.

Here are some of the clearing symptoms that may come up after an attunement or healing, so you know what to expect.

Physical Purification

Flu-like symptoms may be experienced, minor discomforts include: achy muscles, headache, sore throat, constipation, diarrhea and other minor symptoms as toxins are released as your body is cleansed and balanced.

To lessen the effects: go for walks in nature or on the beach, ground yourself regularly and if you feel the need to have a nap, do so without guilt.

Emotional Purification

Deeply held emotions may surface for no apparent reason: anger, frustration, grief, fear and sadness. These emotions have been repressed or suppressed from earlier times, this life and past, they are being released.

Do not allow yourself to become emotionally effected by what you experience.

Do not place blame anyone or anything for these feelings, including yourself. Just experience them as they surface and let them go.

To lessen the effects: meditate; take a long hot bath in Epsom salts as this helps release toxins and negativity.

Mental Purification

Old thought forms, behaviour patterns and habits may come to the surface. Addictive desires for food, beverage, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol etc. may increase or resurface.

Thoughts of judgement, blame, victimisation, abuse, denial, self-destruction, self-pity may happen.

These issues are being healed on every level of your being, from this lifetime and others.

Do not be hard on yourself or allow these impulses and thoughts to get the better of you. Acknowledge them; let them go, then change your thoughts to a more positive nature.

To lessen the effects: Be kind to yourself, do things that make you feel good, repeat positive affirmations, listen to your favourite music.

Spiritual Purification

Your beliefs may be shaken and challenged, beliefs in how the world operates, how relationships should be, religion, what is important to your life.

As this occurs, insights, revelations and new understanding will become clear; these will be the building clocks of your newly forming and ever changing spiritual foundation.

It’s an exciting time, so it may be useful to keep a journal to keep track of and acknowledge the ways in which you are growing, your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Pay increased attention to your body, its needs and the feedback it gives you in the form of gut feelings, levels of comfort and the state of your health.

Ground yourself frequently through self-treatments, light exercise, Yoga/Chi Kung/ Tai Chi, walks in fresh air, gardening etc.