Relationship Healing

Relationship Healing

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Please only book the follow up if you have already had a Relationship Healing with me.  This is another healing session for the same relationship.

When you purchase this service, you will be asked to fill out a quick form with the details I need to be able to do your Relationship Healing. 

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Energy is the key component in all relationships!!  However, what I have learnt from my work is that each of us has a cord with another person who we have a relationship with connecting us together.  The main cord that connects us is at our Solar Plexus Chakras.

This is why people talk about ‘cutting cords’.  This can be beneficial if there is no other way to heal the relationship, however the best course of action is to change the relationship from a negative one into a positive one!  This can help heal karma and also help us learn and grow.

How does the Relationship Healing work & what do I do?

When there is an imbalance in a relationship, it is very often rooted in power issues, and/or fear and there is normally something on both sides!  I will look to see what the cords are like between you both and send whatever healing is needed to the cord(s) to improve the energy flow between you.   I will email you when the healing has been completed with what I saw in terms of the cords and what healing I sent.

The majority of relationships have one cord connecting us through our Solar Plexus.  These differ in size depending on the level of connection, for example the cord with a good friend would normally be strong and thick, whereas someone we have just started to get to know may be thin.  The colour of these cords is also important as when we are in a positive relationship, the energy is flowing freely both ways and the cord looks healthy, shiny and is bursting with white light.  When a relationship is negative, then the cord may look dirty in colour and be knotted and twisted as the energy is not flowing easily.

Sending love & healing to the cords between us can really benefit our relationships and can help them grow stronger. The energy flow becomes more balanced and as it increases it can result in a much more harmonious relationship.  

Please note this is not a reading as I only get information about the cords and relationship between you rather than any external factors.  I may also get information about the relationship with yourselves too, which is how you feel about yourself and what you should work on.   All this will be in the email I send you after the healing is complete.

However, the main healing will come from resolving the issues that the relationship brings up for you.  Therefore, this healing does not guarantee that your relationship will suddenly become perfect!  You and the other person involved in the relationship will need to work on the challenges between you and also the issues that you both personally have to heal your relationship fully.   

All relationships help us grow, whether romantic or not!  These healings can be for any relationship that you would like some help with healing.  

We see a reflection of ourselves in others and their issues sometimes bring up our own, which can lead to a negative situation.  

Normally, the people we meet who are here to support us become our friends and loved ones. However, some romantic relationships are not necessarily about support, but happen to help us to grow.  The partners we meet are often like mirrors, which help us by to bringing up our fears and issues so we can resolve them.  When people talk of soulmates / twin flames this is what is usually associated with these types of relationships.   

The cords are a very important factor in relationships.  I am with my level 6 soulmate (or what others refer to as a twin flame) and what I have learnt is that depending on how connected you are also shows up through the number of cords you have with each other.  We have 6 cords that connect us from our Base Chakras to our 3rd Eye.  There is no higher level than this. We are never connected to anyone by our Crowns as this is our own connection to Spirit.  

Often problems in relationships are simply related to the perspective in how we see things. We each live in our own reality, based on our own experiences. When we can step into another's reality and see the situation through their eyes, based on knowledge of their experiences, it is much easier to understand one another. When we understand something, we no longer fear it, and our relationship can be healed.

What I need from you

Please let me know what relationship needs to be worked on with the full names of both people and a couple of sentences about your relationship.  When you purchase this service, you will be asked to fill out a quick form with these details. 

I do not have to set up a time with you to do this as you nor will the other person experience any healing from me.  This is because this type of healing works only on the cord or cords between you both, which is ultimately the relationship as I would not send healing to someone without their prior consent.

Neither of you will experience clearing from this either, but this healing should give you the tools to be able to carry on your own healing in the relationship and also aid the energy flow between you both to make this much easier to do.

Please note payment needs to be made before the healing takes place.  I do get booked up, so please be aware that you may have to wait up to a week or sometimes longer to have this completed.  I do try and do these within a few days of receiving payment, but it all depends on what I have booked in.  I will confirm a date when I can do the Relationship Healing for you.

Please only book the follow up if you have already had a Relationship Healing with me.  This is another healing session for the same relationship.