Intuitive Energy Reading

Intuitive Energy Reading

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You can choose to book either a 40 min, or a 1 hr reading.

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About your reading & how I work

These readings can help you move forward by giving you an understanding of the next steps to take on your journey. You will also receive healing throughout your session too.

You can choose to book either a 40 min or a 1 hr Reading.

40 mins Reading is £55

1 hr Reading is £85

Please give yourself a little extra time as we may run over 5-10 mins if we are discussing something important! I do not cut you off if we are in the middle of something just because of the time!!

Readings are either done by Skype or phone, depending on what you would prefer.

I give readings to people living all over the world and most of my clients now come through personal referral, which is wonderful!

I am clairaudient, clairsentient, clairalient & claircognizant and I receive messages from Spirit in a variety of ways. I do not use any cards or other tools. I work directly with Spirit during your reading.

Before we start your reading, I spend time tuning into your energy and also creating the healing space for us. Spirit give me information during this time about what is important for you right now!

I have found that these notes always create the basis for every reading and they are normally what the client wants to focus on anyway. This helps to establish a link between us and for you to trust I am getting information that is correct.

You will also receive healing throughout the reading to help you re-balance your energy.

Please be aware that I am not a fortune teller and the energy has changed so much that is very hard for anyone to predict specific future events as the timelines are currently changing so fast!

However, I am happy to look at time-related issues, but can only do so by looking at the future through the energy streams I can see. I see different timelines/paths for people, events etc. Each timeline/path will have a different energy around it, so I can give you information about the best timeline/path for you right now.

During your reading, the more you engage with me in conversation and ask questions, the more you can receive as this makes the energy around you easier to read and a lot clearer!

Some people think that a good reading is one that tells them what they want to hear, one that makes them feel good. That’s not the way I work. I cannot guarantee you will hear what you want to hear, but my clients have told me they feel calmer, lighter, more positive and know what to focus on going forward.

These sessions can bring up intense emotions. I will work through these with you and we may also do healing work within the reading to help you release anything you no longer need. Please respect the power of this work and the change it may bring to your life.

All registrations are final; please read the Client Agreement before you book.

How to Book

Once you have purchased your reading using the 'ADD TO CART' button at the top of the page, please then book your appointment time using the calendar below.  If you are in a different time zone to the UK, your own times will show.

You will also be asked whether you would like this reading by Skype or phone on the booking form.

Once you have made your booking, you will receive an email confirmation with my Skype name and phone number. You will also receive a reminder email about your appointment 12 hours before.

If you choose a phone reading, please be aware that you will need to call me at the appointment time, so you may incur call costs.

Readings offered by Sarah Shepherd are for entertainment purposes only and I cannot guarantee the accuracy of a reading.  This is not a replacement for any medical treatment. If a person is seeking a medical diagnosis and treatment, they should see a medical doctor.