Healing Session

Healing Session


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Healing Session

We all have the gift to heal ourselves, but sometimes we need a little support along the way. 

Please note that these sessions are not a 'cure', but they can help to relieve stress, remove blocks, repair and re-balance the aura and get your energy flowing again.  These are key factors in illnesses. 

These healing sessions are for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues that you may have.

I also include aura repair as part of this healing as this is an area that is not focused on enough and we may have parts of our aura's that are damaged or even missing, which contributes to us feeling out of balance or having illnesses.

Clients have said they feel lighter, happier, less stressed and more in balance after a session.

These sessions will last around 45 mins each and are done via distance, so you get to relax in the comfort of your own home.

Most people feel that the session lasts longer than this, so when you agree a time with me, give yourself at least an hour to relax and enjoy the energy!

The energy will also continue to work after the session, normally for 2-3 days or perhaps longer.

A series of sessions are the most beneficial way to help heal a specific problem and I normally recommend 3 sessions if you want to work on something specific or haven't had any healing work in a long time.

There are no time limits if you buy more than one session.

If you purchase more than one Healing Session, you can then just book your next session using the calendar without payment.

I shall also send you an email after your healing session, which will be a few sentences about what the focus of your healing was and suggestions, if possible, about how you continue your own healing.

All registrations are final; please read the Client Agreement before you book. You will be agreeing to these terms when you make your booking.

Please download the PDF I have written about what happens in a distance healing session and how to prepare for it if you have not had a distance healing session before.

Please click here to download the PDF.

This is not a replacement for any medical treatment. If a person is seeking a medical diagnosis and treatment, they should see a medical doctor.

Once you have made a booking, you have the option to change your appointment and to cancel it. This information is given on your confirmation appointment email.

How to Book

Once you have purchased your Healing Session using the 'ADD TO CART' button at the top of the page, please then book your appointment using the calendar below. 

If you are in a different time zone to the UK, your own times should be displayed.  However, if for some reason, they are not shown, you can change it by clicking the times in the right corner. You will receive a confirmation email for your booking and a reminder 12 hours before your appointment.

Please Note: If you do not make payment before you book your time slot, I reserve the right to cancel it. 

Then all you need to do is relax at the time agreed and be open to receive!

Distance healing and any notes about the healing offered by Sarah Shepherd are for entertainment purposes only.  This is not a replacement for any medical treatment. If a person is seeking a medical diagnosis and treatment, they should see a medical doctor.