Aura Light

Aura Light


Aura Light is a deep cleansing energy to help re-balance & clear your Aura. Also includes 2 healing sessions! 

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I channelled Aura Light from the Seraphim, who I connected with after receiving the Lightarian Purification Rings. 

Aura Light has 2 levels and each level is done in real time via distance with at least 7 days between each level.  I will send you a certificate after level 2. 

You will be able to download the manual straight after your payment. Please check your junk/spam folder if you don't see the email!

I wanted to share what one client had to say about Aura Light as it made me feel so loved, rather emotional, but above all incredibly happy that I am able to share my gift with you!

"Wow! I experienced a beautiful attunement in my healing space this morning.  Thank you so much for such a light and peaceful attunement, Sarah and your extensive healing, observations and feedback. 
I feel so clear and light now and during the healing and attunement...I saw lots of expansive rays of pastel shimmering pale blues and pinks amongst brilliant white light. I felt such a oneness with all of creation during, after and now.  
Thank you for fixing my aura. I have been visiting a poorly relative who lives locally this past week which made me feel sad. Visited again just after the 'Aura Light' today, feeling completely clear, so positive and light after your attunement. my relative looks and feels so much stronger today.  I took him out for a cuppa, sat in the sunshine, massaged lavender and jojoba on his dry skin.  My relative really enjoyed today's visit as did I and I am so appreciative of today's sunshine and energy . 
Do you mind me asking? But are you an angel?  Really?! That attunement was so beautiful and feels like the clear aura light has completely cleared and cleansed me."

Each level is done in real time as I will check your Aura before I send the attunement energy.  I will check to see if any pieces are missing and if there are any cracks in your Aura.  If there are, I will bring any missing pieces back in and repair any cracks before Aura Light is given.  The reason I do this before you receive your attunement is that Aura Light works at a very deep level and if your Aura has a lot of energetic build-up, then doing healing work before the energy is received is very beneficial in terms of time and clearing symptoms! 

There are no prerequisites for this course, but it is useful to have some experience of energy work as this can invoke some clearing! 

The Seraphim are a specialized angelic team of seraphic energies consisting of different Seraphic groups.

The Seraphim have given us Aura Light as they said they were concerned that we were not focusing enough attention on our Auras!  As we are moving into such a high-energy vibration, we need to make sure that we take the time to look after our Auras in the same way as we would brush our teeth or have a shower each day!  Aura Light is an easy way to look after your Aura!

The health of the physical body is inextricably linked to the health of the energy field.  It is the clear flow of energy within the Chakras and Aura layers that supports the physical body during life.  If there is ‘energetic build-up’ in the Aura layers, this will eventually ‘filter down’ into the physical body and render it susceptible to disease.

Aura Light is a deep cleansing energy that helps to re-balances and clear our Auras at all levels.   It is important to clear the Aura, otherwise we may feel out of balance, which shows itself as symptoms, such as feeling lethargic, depressed. anxious or just a 'heavy' feeling over or around you.

By cleansing your Aura, you help to rid yourself of negative energies that you may have picked up from your environment or the people around you. 

This is such a divine energy and you can use it every week or every 3 days to clear your Aura.  You can also use it when giving healing to others to clear their Auras too!