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16th October ~ Crown Chakra Healing and Activation



You will receive an email every Friday by 6pm (UK time) with the following:

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Your Weekly Healing

An email will be sent to you by 6pm (UK time) on Friday to let you know your healing is ready for you. This will include instructions as a PDF file on how to receive your healing.

Your healing will include clearing of your energy field and whatever healing you need individually that week. You can choose to receive your healing when it is right for you.


Weekly Wisdom from Spirit

The Weekly Wisdom from Spirit is a PDF file that is emailed to you each Friday for the week ahead. You can also download the current week by clicking on the button below, which will ask you to log in.

This gives you a simple focus for your spiritual practice each week and the practical steps to help you progress spiritually.

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FREE Healer’s Toolkit

The Healer’s Toolkit can be found on the Services page. The normal price is £8, but it is completely FREE for Members!

Just add the Healer’s Toolkit to your basket and go to checkout. Then put in the discount code and it will come up as a free order! Go through checkout in the normal way and receive the download link by email!

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FREE Chakra Healing Event Each Month

FREE for Blissful Boosts Members, but you do need to SIGN UP to be included!

Please visit the Events page for the next Chakra Event.

Please enter your code to sign up for FREE. You can view the code by clicking below

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Facebook Group

If you would like to join Facebook group, please click on the button below, which will open Facebook. Then ask to join the group and I will add you.

Every Monday from 4pm until 5pm (UK time) I will be giving FREE mini readings in our Facebook group.

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15% Discount Code

Your Blissful Boosts membership includes 15% off all 1:1 Sessions whenever you would like one!

You can use your code as often as you wish.

Your discount code will also be sent to you in your email.