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Turquoise Flame Attunement Event


Your attunement will be set up for you at 6pm UK time. You can join at the event time OR if you are busy then, you can choose to receive it at a time that is convenient to you.

Please download your Manual and Instructions to receive by clicking on the buttons below.

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The Turquoise Flame was channelled by Christine Müller

The turquoise energy ray stands for loving yourself.

Turquoise stands for Atlantis and for the dolphins with their skill to communicate from one heart to another and their ability to confide in the depth of the ocean and to ride the waves exactly so, as they come and go. So, as the breath comes and goes.

Turquoise expands the lungs in order that we can assimilate as much of the valuable life energy (or Chi or Prana) as possible, rebuild, to ride the waves of our lives. To resist against these waves that come and go anyway creates a congestion in our energy field. So, turquoise brings back the flow into our life and primarily into our emotions.

The turquoise ray is a channelled System given to us by the angel Amai. That means that the Turquoise Flame is not directed by one of the raised masters, but is an angelic energy which is made available to us additional to the twelve divine rays to carry us directly into the new energy. This ray is especially closely connected to Lady Nada, Serapis Bey and Hilarion.

When you read the script in the manual the vibration of the Turquoise Flame is already partly transferred to you! So, please read the manual before receiving the attunement as then you will get all the energy!

This is a gorgeous energy and I love working with the Dolphins. I felt this would help us before the Heart Expansion Healing in June.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Blissful Blessings

Sarah x