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WRITE UP ~ Worry Flush

  • Blissfully Free United Kingdom (map)

Thank you so much for joining me in this wonderful energy and for all of your kind donations, which are deeply appreciated.

These events are designed to help us heal individually as well as collectively.

This was such a beautiful peaceful energy.

We were surrounded by a blissful pure white light, which slowly became blue and green.

The attunement energy focused on our lower Chakras and also around the eyes and head. It felt like we were being bathed in peace!

White is associated with peace, protection, hope & new beginnings. It is also very helpful in clearing blocked energies.

Blue represents truth, honesty and open communication. It also helps with stress, sleep problems, anxiety and clears blocked energy.

The colour green represents fertility, growth & creativity. It is associated with harmony, balance & peace and contains the powerful energies of nature for change and transformation. It also helps to relieve tension, stress and aid rejuvenation.

Our Heart Chakras were again a focus for the healing, which helped to clear them gently. The healing also worked on clearing our energy fields to clear other people’s worries that also may be impacting us.

Please note: To anyone who is new to these events, this is what I get through when I set up the energy for the attunements and send healing for us all as a collective, so you may have felt it work on a specific Chakra or part of your body, seen a different image or colours or just felt energy. Trust and know this is exactly what you needed as there is no right or wrong experience!

You can still receive all of the energy, including the healing, if you have decided to take your attunement later as it is kept safe for you after the event.

Please listen to your body after receiving this energy as it may bring up some clearing symptoms. Be kind to yourself and please drink plenty of water to help the energy integrate.

The next event is on the 27th May for the Turquoise Flame, which is an angelic energy and also links with the dolphins!

Turquoise stands for Atlantis and for the dolphins with their skill to communicate from one heart to another.

This is a wonderful energy to help heal and expand the Heart Chakra.

This event is FREE for Members of Blissful Boosts. I am offering a FREE week’s trial for both the Inspire and Nourish levels. Please click here for more information.

I also post all events on my FB page and send out an email a few days before each one. You can sign up to this on the front page of my website.

Blissful Blessings

Sarah x