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Worry Flush

EVENT 22nd May ~ Worry Flush
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Please make a donation to be included in the event, and download your manual and instructions on the links below.

Worry Flush Manual

Instructions ~ Worry Flush

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Please Note: A form will come up when adding the event to your cart to ask if you would like a certificate and/or add loved ones. The minimum donation required for a certificate is £5. If you don’t need one, then the minimum donation is still only £1. You can add the name of a loved one as well as yourself to the event if you wish. You can ignore this form and just add to cart if you don’t need either!

Your attunement is set up for you at the time of the event on 22nd Mayt at 7pm UK time. You can join at the event time OR if you are busy then, you can choose to receive it at a time that is convenient to you. You (and any loved ones) will be included in the event as long as you make a donation.

Please download your manual and instructions on the event page.

A suggested payment is £5 (roughly $6). However, I run these events to make them affordable for everyone, so only pay what you can afford! The minimum donation is set at £1.

Worry Flush™ was channelled by Mariah Windsong Couture

This has been taken from the manual:

Worry Flush™ is an easy way to emotionally drop away your current worries and the recycled ones that keep cycling back into your mind.Worries are one of the most insidious ways our peace and happiness erodes away.

The wild part is that a person’s mind really believes it is dutifully doing its job to “watch out” for possible problems and find solutions.By “worrying” a person’s mind is simply replaying the concern over and over again and your emotionally discomfort is amplified.

Worry Flush ™ can be activated as often as you feel yourself worrying about anything! You may need to activate it often at first until your mind learns that it does not “need” to worry in order to do its job proper for you!

Worry Flush™ is a great solution to ease this escalating anxiety when worry is its cause.

I write up about my experience with what happened during setting up the attunement on the Event page and also on my FB page, so please check back to read about the collective experience. This will be up by the following day after the event.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Blissful Blessings

Sarah x