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Psychic Messages Reiki Attunement Event

  • Blissfully Free United Kingdom (map)

You can join at the event time OR if you are busy then, you can choose to receive it at a time that is convenient to you.

Psychic Messages Reiki

Psychic Messages Reiki helps you open your psychic centers and enhance your abilities to receive psychic messages.

Working with the energies of this system will heighten your intuition, instincts, and psychic energies. You may find that you are more aware of psychic messages that come through visions, dreams, hearing, and other sensory methods.

You will also find that your abilities to put together the pieces and understand the message will be heightened.

The manual has 7 steps to help you can validate that you have received a psychic message.

There is also a symbol to help you clarify your messages.

How to Join the Event

I am using a NEW way to do these events to simplify the process. The form below is how you sign up and pay. Using this form will send you confirmation of the event and also send you an email reminder 12 hours before the event begins.

This form will stop accepting sign ups 15 mins before the event begins.

You can still add loved ones by increasing the quantity and then adding their name to the form. You can also choose if you would like a certificate or not.

The price is set at £5 for each attunement purchased.

However, I still wanted to make these affordable for everyone. So, for anyone who is having financial challenges at the moment and in need of this energy, please apply either of these codes by clicking on 'redeem coupon.'

LOVE3 to pay £3 for the event.

LOVE2 to pay £2 for the event.

There is also an option to leave me a tip if you wish, which is greatly appreciated if you pay by Credit Card instead of Paypal.

Please Note: Payments for Events are done through this form and you will not go through the Blissfully Free website checkout.