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WRITE UP ~ Moving Forward on Your Path Manifestation

  • Blissfully Free United Kingdom (map)

Thank you so much for joining me in this beautiful energy and for all of your kind donations, which are deeply appreciated.


These events are designed to help us heal individually as well as collectively.

This was a calming and peaceful energy to help us relax and let go of tension, so we can move forward more easily.

I felt the energy working on our spines and it also grounded us so we are supported our journey with a firm foundation.

It also worked on our Heart, 3rd Eye and Throat Chakras. This helped to connect the heart and mind together so we can bring forth the love and connect it to the wisdom of our souls and spirit. There was a lovely expansion in our Throat Chakras to help us speak our truth and aid our manifestation too.

The energy also cleared our Crown Chakra so we could feel more connected to the Universal energies.

Even though the energy was very soothing, a lot of energetic work was taking place, so please listen to your body after receiving this energy as it may bring up some clearing symptoms. Be kind to yourself and please drink plenty of water to help the energy integrate.

Please note: To anyone who is new to these events, this is what I get through when I set up the energy for the attunements and send healing for us all as a collective, so you may have felt it work on a specific Chakra or part of your body, seen images or colours or just felt energy. Trust and know this is exactly what you needed as there is no right or wrong experience!

You can still receive all of the energy, including the healing, if you have decided to take your attunement later as it is kept safe for you after the event.

I post all events on my FB page and send out an email for events a few days before each one. You can sign up to this on the front page of my website if you would like to be kept updated.

The next event is Higher Heart Chakra Healing for Members of Blissful Boosts on 17th July and then we have the Psychic Messages Reiki on 24th July.

Blissful Blessings

Sarah x