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FREE ~ Help Heal the Earth Event

  • Blissfully Free United Kingdom (map)

How to Join the Event

The reason I set this up is the message I received from Mother Earth after running another meditation in my Members group. You can read Mother Earth’s Message by clicking here.

This is a FREE event open to anyone who wishes to come together in meditation and send healing, love and peace to our beautiful Mother Earth.

You do NOT need to be a Reiki Master or practitioner to join in!

You just need to want to help heal the Earth.

This event will occur on the last Sunday of each month going forward, so it you would like to be kept updated, please either join my newsletter or follow my blog.

A little guide to help you prepare:

I suggest settling yourself into a comfortable space about 10-15 mins before we begin. You can have some relaxing music playing, perhaps light a candle or incense. Allow your mind and body to relax in a seated position that is comfortable for you to meditate in.

Set your intention for the meditation to send peace, love and healing to Mother Earth.

Then just allow your heart to open, mind to be still and let out your love visualizing it flowing over the planet.

This is just a little guide to help anyone who is not used to doing this, but please follow your own guidance on what feels right for you.

Thank you so much for helping heal our amazing world.

Love Sarah ♥

If you would like to be sent an email confirmation of the event and a reminder 12 hours before the event begins, please sign up using the form below. Otherwise just join us at the event time, which is 8pm UK time.

This form will stop accepting sign ups 15 mins before the event begins, but you can still join us at the event time.