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MEMBERS ONLY ~ Raku Kei Reiki ~ The Way of the Fire Dragon

  • Blissfully Free United Kingdom (map)

Thank you so much for signing up for this event. It was an amazing energy!


Raku Kei Reiki ~ The Way of the Fire Dragon was channelled by Holli Blackwell.

The words Rei- Ki Originate from the words Raku- Kei. The Raku is the vertical energy flow within the body, whilst the Kei energy flows in a horizontal manner. The two cross at the ‘Hara’ centre at the Solar plexus centre. It is this centre which was cut out during the ritual Samurai “Hara Kiri,. In this manner the Samurai would cut out the ‘centre of his being’ by the implementation of three sacred cuts in the form of a triangle (the symbol of manifestation).

For millennia the Oriental races have linked the Dragon to the 'Airy' or Mental aspect of our nature. Mastering the Dragon energy is mastering the mind, that is why Dragons have always provoked fear in the weak-minded, but have inspired leaders and countries to adopt the symbol of the Dragon as a powerful symbol of strength and fortitude.

Dragons have always been linked to having fiery breath by which they vanquish. It is this breath, with the fire being supplied by the RAKU energy that blasts away obstacles to a clear mind,

Raku Kei is the ancient science of Self-development and Self-improvement. It is believed that the origins of Raku Kei come from Tibet. The Tibetan Lamas used Calligraphs to encapsulate the energy of a healing concept, recognising that all symbols, when drawn Produce Low Frequency waves that can be detected by the human body..