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Dragon Phoenix Energy Empowerment

  • Blissfully Free United Kingdom (map)

Thank you so much for joining me in this powerful energy and for all of your kind donations, which are deeply appreciated.

These events are designed to help us heal individually as well as collectively.

The phoenix is the keeper of the fire in all of creation. It represents transformation, death, and rebirth in its fire.

The Dragon is one of the most powerful totems. Dragon energy carries a reminder of strength, courage and resilience. Dragons are messengers of balance and magic.

This energy works with both the dragon and phoenix together creating transformation and helping us to accept change more easily.

The energy was powerful and fluid. It flowed through each of our Chakras helping them to clear and re-balance. I felt a fog being lifted from us as a collective, which will help us see our next steps more clearly.

I was shown an image of us all surrounded by flames, yet the flames were not hot. The flames covered each of us fully and the fog was burnt away! It was a comforting feeling like coming home, yet also magical at the same time!

Old energy was transmuted away and everything felt clear and fresh once the attunement energies had worked their magic!

I also felt energy focus on our Heart and Crown Chakras helping us to re-balance the heart and mind connection. This helps us feel good and make better decisions based on love and our own intuition.

Please note: To anyone who is new to these events, this is what I get through when I set up the energy for the attunements and send healing for us all as a collective, so you may have felt it work on a specific Chakra or part of your body, seen a different image or colours or just felt energy. Trust and know this is exactly what you needed as there is no right or wrong experience!

You can still receive all of the energy, including the healing, if you have decided to take your attunement later as it is kept safe for you after the event.

Please listen to your body after receiving this energy as it may bring up some clearing symptoms. Be kind to yourself and please drink plenty of water to help the energy integrate.

Please see the EVENT page on my website for more information. I also post all events on my FB page and send out an email a few days before each one. You can sign up to this on the front page of my website.

Blissful Blessings

Sarah x

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