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Akashic Records Flush Empowerment

You can download the manual and instructions below for UP TO 7 DAYS AFTER THE EVENT!

EVENT 27th Feb ~ Akashic Records Flush Empowerment
from 1.00

Please make a donation to be included in the event, and download your manual and instructions on the links below.

Akashic Records Flush Empowerment Manual

Instructions ~ Akashic Records Flush Empowerment

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Please Note: I have added a form when you add events to your cart now. This form will ask if you would like a certificate. The minimum donation required for a certificate is £5. If you don’t need one, then the minimum donation is still only £1. There is also a space on the form to add a loved one’s name if you are giving a donation for someone else as well. You can ignore this form and just add to cart if you don’t need either!

The Akashic Records Flush Empowerment was chanelled by Tracry Loper.

The Akashic Records Flush Empowerment is designed to clear the Akashic Records where the soul’s suffering originated so we are not restricted on a karmic and energetic level. This is the Year of Awakening, so this flush can help us align and clear our energy and help us connect with Source, ourselves and the Higher Realms more easily.

Your attunement is set up for you at the time of the event on 27th February at 7pm UK time. You can join at the event time OR if you are busy then, you can choose to receive it at a time that is convenient to you. You will be included in the event as long as you make a donation. Please download your manual and instructions on the event page.

A suggested payment is £5 (roughly $6). However, I run these events to make them affordable for everyone, so only pay what you can afford! The minimum donation is set at £1. 

Akashic Records Flush Empowerment - This is taken from the manual

The Akashic Records are the past, present, and future knowledge of all things. At the time a soul begins to experience life as an independent entity, a field of energy is created to record every thought, word, intent, emotion, and deed generated by that soul.

Each soul’s Record becomes available through a certain unique frequency, like a fingerprint that is encoded in into the energies of the universe. Records to help individuals move forward, heal, succeed, and learn Truth.

The Akashic Records Flush Empowerment is designed to clear the Akashic Records where and when one’s soul’s suffering originated so that one is not restricted on a karmic and energetic level.

This empowerment will align, rejuvenate and clear one of energies so that one is able to live in a natural state of being and one’s energetic signature is elevated.

Benefits of Akashic Records Flush Empowerment

• Accelerated Spiritual Growth

• Greater Sense of Oneness with Source

• Healthy interactions with family, friends, lovers

• Adoption of behaviors that are in alignment with one’s Highest Good

• Manifestation of one’s heart’s desires

• Riddance of past influences

• Freedom from problematic thinking

• Enhanced Spiritual Gifts

• Healing of Influences from past lives

I write up about my experience with what happened during setting up the attunement on the Event page and also on my FB page, so please check back to read about the collective experience. This will be up by the following day after the event. 

I look forward to connecting with you.

Blissful Blessings

Sarah x