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WRITE UP ~ Guardian Angel Reiki

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Thank you so much for joining me in this divine energy and for all of your kind donations, which are so greatly appreciated. These events are designed to help us heal individually as well as collectively. This was such a loving energy, with a focus on the Heart, 3rd Eye & Crown Chakras.

I was guided to send the attunement first and this was so beautiful and felt very Christmassy too! Tiny little orbs of light appeared and slowly started to descend towards each person. The orbs grew brighter as they hovered near each person’s shoulder. These little orbs of light were our Guardian Angels! It was mesmerizing to watch, and a pure loving energy surrounded us all.

After this gorgeous visual, I felt a surprising density from us all as a collective. I was told that this dense energy needed to be cleared and as the healing and attunement energy flowed, the dense energy moved upwards and away! As this was happening, I felt a number of sharp pains in my head. I feel sharp pains when blockages are being released. Spirit said these blocks were old thought patterns and showed that the density was shifting. This was very focused around our 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras to help us connect more fully to our Guardian Angels.

More healing flowed in after this, to our Heart Chakras and this healing felt gentle and so loving. This was also a clearing energy, but the main focus was to help expand our Hearts and fill them with love & peace. As this was happening, I felt a huge wave of sadness come up for us as a collective. This was also part of the dense energy I felt earlier. As this lifted, the space left behind was filled with light by the Angels.

This was just the perfect energy to help us shift, heal and feel loved before we step into the new energies of 2019. Thank you so much for joining me in my events throughout 2018 and I have some special ones planned for 2019, which I am really looking forward to!

Please note: To anyone who is new to these events, this is what I get through when I set up the energy for the attunements and send healing for us all as a collective, so you may have felt it work on a specific Chakra or part of your body, seen a different image or colours or just felt energy. Trust and know this is exactly what you needed as there is no right or wrong experience!

You can still receive all of the energy, including the healing, if you have decided to take your attunement later as it is kept safe for you for up to 7 days.

Please listen to your body after receiving this energy as it may bring up some clearing symptoms. Be kind to yourself and please drink plenty of water to help the energy integrate.

I shall be putting up events for January soon and my 2019 Energy Forecast will be out before the end of December, so please sign up for my newsletter to be kept updated! You can do this by clicking here.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas.

Blissful Blessings

Sarah x

Later Event: 9 January
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