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Join Blissful Boosts to Help You Live a Blissfully Free Life!

Upcoming EXCLUSIVE Events for Members of Blissful Boosts

27th May ~ Turquoise Flame

10th June ~ Heart Chakra Expansion Healing

24th June ~ Raku Kei Reiki ~ The Way of the Fire Dragon

One week’s FREE trial to see if becoming a Member is for you.

You’re free to subscribe and unsubscribe at any time!

(Nourish Membership was previously known as Energy Tune Ups as per the reviews!)

Upon subscribing, ALL MEMBERS will have immediate access to all this!


Weekly Energy Forecasts

A weekly energy forecast will be added each Friday. Click here to download a sample of a weekly energy forecast.

Exclusive Member Events

Two Events per month are included in your subscription. One is a healing event and the other is an attunement event.


Spiritual Library

Currently over 20 spiritual articles to help you on your journey. New articles will be added each month.

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Healer’s Toolkit

Includes business templates to download and information to help you on your own healing journey.

INSPIRE Membership £9.99 per month

NOURISH MEMBERS will also receive



Your healing will be prepared for you each Friday, before the new week begins. You will be sent an email with instructions to let you know your healing is ready. You can receive your healing when it suits you. It will include clearing your energy of any negativity, bringing back any energy you have given away for your highest good. And you will also receive healing you need personally to help you move forward with ease, grace and love.



Connect with like-minded people in a safe and supported space. Mini Readings each week!



Every Monday I will be giving FREE mini readings in our FB group.

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You can use your discount whenever you feel like you need a Reading or Healing Session with me.

NOURISH Membership £25 per month OR £65 for 3 months

Why Subscribe?

To live a more blissfully free life!

We live in such as fast paced world and taking time for ourselves is so important to be able to stay in balance and have the energy to do all the things that life throws at us!

This Membership program is for those who want a more focused and guided path to their spiritual life.

If you just want to be inspired on your own healing journey and have a little guidance along the way, the INSPIRE level is for you.

If you wish to be inspired as well as nourished with a healing each week, then the NOURISH level is for you.

No matter which level you choose, each week you will get information from Spirit, in the form of the energy forecast, to help you navigate the energies more easily.

You also have the choice of working through an E-course in the Goddess Temple or joining in an energy event to help you step further into your power.

You can dip into the library for information on a certain topic to help you on your path and if you are healer learn new ways to help yourself and your business.

Life is constantly changing and my intention for Blissful Boosts is to create a space to help you grow, be inspired, heal and be supported on your journey.

My Yearly & Monthly Energy Forecasts for 2019 will still be completely FREE, which you can find on my blog by clicking here!

See you soon! Love Sarah x

Join today and immediately enjoy these features in the Member’s area. This gives you a little taste of what you can find!

Energy Forecasts

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Spiritual Library

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Exclusive Member Events

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Healer’s Toolkit

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

There are 2 subscription Membership levels:

INSPIRE Membership is £9.99 per month

NOURISH Membership £25 per month OR £65 for a 3 month subscription saving you £10!

Am I tied into a long-term commitment?

You’re free to subscribe and unsubscribe at any time. If you choose to cancel your membership, you will continue to receive access to the Member’s area until the date you have paid for is finished.

If you are a Nourish Member, you will also continue to receive your weekly healing session and be part of the FB group until your subscription ends.

You can subscribe at any time and all Members will have instant access to the Member’s area.

Nourish Members will start to receive their healing on the Friday following their subscription.

Please note: There are no refunds if you decide to cancel part way through a month.

Why can’t I pay for my subscription via checkout like I can for your other services?

As this is a subscription based service and some of the content is password protected I had to find a different company to manage the transactions. This system only takes credit and debit card payments. Unfortunately, you can’t pay with Paypal at this time.

Where do I find the Weekly Energy Forecasts?

These are available to view straight away in the Member’s area using your password. Your password was created when you subscribed.

Nourish Members will also be sent the forecast by email every Friday as a PDF.

Who runs the Facebook Group?

I run the FB group and there will be no other admins. You can read about me by clicking here.

How will I know my healing is ready?

The weekly healings are for Nourish Members only. I send out an email every Friday by 6pm UK time to let you know your healing is ready to be received with instructions on how to receive. The email can sometimes go to your junk/spam folder, so please check there if you haven’t received your email. You can then choose when to receive your healing.

How do I join the Facebook group & what happens if I don’t want to join?

The Facebook Group is for Nourish Members only. Once you subscribe you will have access to the Member’s area, where you will be able to find the Facebook group link. Please click the link and add yourself to the group, which I will then approve.

You will be part of the group for as long as you subscribe to this service. If you don’t want to join the FB group, you don’t have to! You can still subscribe and receive your healing and energy forecasts each week.

If you cancel your subscription, unfortunately, you will be removed from the group as it is only for members.

Where is the 15% off Discount Code?

The 15% off discount for 1:1 sessions is for Nourish Members only. Once you subscribe you will have access to the Member’s area, where you will be able to find the 15% off code. The discount code will also be included in the email I send to you each Friday.

Where can I find the T&C’s for the Subscriptions?

Please visit Terms & Conditions